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Dublin Locksmith: How to protect your home from burlgaries

Did you know that 42% of Ireland’s burglaries happen in Dublin?

It has been reported that robberies  in Dublin are on the rise. The latest CSO figures showed an increase of 34.1% of robberies from  2014 to June 2015 in the Dublin area. Unlike what’s usually shown on TV, 80% of these burglaries  happen during the day. Eoin Dunne of Phone Watch, told Dublin People newspaper, that  the report was “a worrying snapshot of where Irish society is, in terms of burglary and related offences.” Dunn called the rise in robberies, “a reminder that anyone can be the victim in their own home.” While this information may seem alarming, there are some simple ways of keeping your home safe. 

Help from a Dublin locksmith.

Here are some tips from Dublin Locksmith Ace Locksmiths, for a more secure home.

Change your front door.

If your front door  has a letterbox it is recommended  to replace it and use a mounted letterbox . Burglars often use the letterbox as a way of getting keys, using fishing rods and other utensils. Also make sure the lock on your door is secure. Visit a Dublin Locksmith for repairs and replacements for the lock on your door.   

Have an alarm.

According to a Phone-watch survey, despite the concern of burglary, almost half of Dublin homes don’t have working alarms. While some people see alarms as a hassle, new alarms are easy to set up and can be vital to preventing robberies.


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Burglars will not want be captured on screen. Modern CCTV can be cheap and connected WiFi for easy access. Importantly if your home is targeted, the footage can be given to the Gardai as evidence.

More than one secure Lock.

Around 80% of Irish burglars get in using the front and back doors. With this in mind it’s advisable that you secure your doors with more than one lock. Deadlocks can also be used to slow down burglars from exiting your house. 

Guard your shed.

Dublin locksmith- shed

If a burglar gets to the back garden, it’s likely that the first stop will be the shed. This is because sheds usually have the tools they need to break inside a house. The shed is also likely to be less difficult to enter. For locks specialised for your shed visit Dublin’s Ace Locksmiths.



The traditional choice of security is still useful. A house with a dog, big or small is less likely to be robbed. While many criminals will challenge and go unnoticed by the home owner, dogs are more difficult to get pass.  Having a beware of the dog sign can greatly reduce the chances of your house being targeted by burglars.

Check your windows and doors.

After the front door, windows are the next place a burglar will look. Never leave the house with a window open.  While it may seem obvious, people often forget to lock the door during short periods away. Even five minutes is enough time for a Burglar to leave. Ace Locksmiths provide locks for doors and Upvc windows.

If in doubt change your  lock.

It is advisable to change your lock if you believe  your keys have been stolen or  could be used by a stranger. This also applies when for moving into a house. After all it’s  better to be careful than robbed. Ace locksmiths have a 24 hour service to provide you with locks or change faulty locks straight away.  While there are cases of victims getting their belongings back, nothing can make up for the trauma caused. So make sure your home is secured, because when  it comes to robbery   prevention really is the best cure.

Need a new lock straight away?

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If you are worried about the security of your locks  and want more information, visit  1 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin. The right lock could be vital to keeping your home safe.