If you need a Residential Locksmith phone us anytime day or night on 01 678 5505 or 087 2567165. We operate a genuine 7 Days a week Emergency Locksmith Service. We have seen the devastation that being burglarised can cause and for you to feel safe and have some peace of mind we will immediately secure your home. We can provide you with detailed estimates for your Insurance Provider for any additional works or security upgrades you require.

Locked Out

Lost or stolen keys, broken locks. We operate a genuine 7 Days A Week Emergency Locksmith Service and our technicians are fully trained to open and repair all types of door and window locks. We aim to have you back inside with minimal fuss and without any hidden costs. Call us on 01 678 5505 or 087 2567 165 anytime, day or night for a free, no obligation quote. Don’t be offended if we ask for your ID or some proof that the property you are locked out of is yours, after all, who wants to arrive home and find that their home has been ransacked because a locksmith didn’t ensure that the person they have just opened the door for has a right to be there.

Locked In

It happens more than people realise. There’s nothing funnier than a party guest who has broken the key and is now locked inside your bathroom, until you realise that you only have one bathroom and a queue is beginning to from. Or the more serious panic, if a loved one has fallen down inside their home and cannot reach the door to let help in, or simply a child has escaped your attention for two minutes and has somehow locked themselves in a room and cannot open the door. Whatever your situation, try not to panic and call us on 01 678 5505 or 087 2567 165 anytime, day or night.


Moved into a new home? We would strongly advise you to replace the locks. It’s not something that people normally think to do but if you don’t replace them, you just don’t know what previous owners/tenants have keys to your home.

Locks getting stuck, keys not turning, window locks not quite closing are just some of the problems we can fix. If your locks or keys don’t work perfectly please don’t wait until they are completely broken. This can only lead to a more expensive fix in the long run.

Along with faulty door and window locks many of our homes are only protected by cheap vulnerable door locks that can be snapped in seconds. Ace Locksmiths are Residential Locksmith specialists and can supply and fit the latest ANTI-SNAP and Break Secure locking systems to protect your home.


Home Safes have become an everyday part of Home Security and they are essential for Protecting the Irreplaceable. Technology has enabled us to store our photographs and documents on everything from SD Cards, USB Sticks to External Hard Drives and they should be protected. Secure your irreplaceable jewellery or cash. We would recommend Fire Proof Safes for our Customers. As residential locksmith experts we offer a full Supply, Installation and Repair service for all types of safes including Portable Safes, Floor Safes and Wall Safes.

Our Security Store is located directly opposite St Stephens Green at 1 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, where we supply a vast array of products such as door viewers, padlocks, ram posts, bicycle locks, security chains and fire and robbery proof Home Safes.

We supply, fit, upgrade and repair a wide range of exterior and interior UPVC/Wooden Door and Window Locks, Sliding/Bi-Fold Door Locks, Window Locks and Window Restrictors.  Child Proof, Safety, Door and Window Locks.  We only use the highest quality products and the latest lock technology from the most trusted brands in our business.  Here at Ace Locksmiths we can advise you on the most effective and cost efficient options to protect your home.  Call us anytime on 01 678 5505 or 087 2567 165, for a Free, No Obligation Quote.

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